On Internet radio tonight

Tune in to the Darker Side of the Moon radio program tonight at 10 p.m. and listen to me stammer and drawl about werewolves, writing and whatever.

I gotta throw out a plug for Angeline Hawkes’ and Chris Fulbright’s novella Then Comes the Child. This is a really good long story that’s getting recommendations for the HWA’s Stoker Award. If you’re an HWA member, consider giving the book a read and considering it for the Stoker.

In unrelated news, school’s going okay. I found some text books to use for the creative writing class. Last time they were used was 1984, I think. Yeah, well, they actually seem like pretty good books. How to Write Incredibly Short Plays, Poems and Stories is what it’s called. Toward the end of class yesterday I actually had the kids talking to me. The class has seemed very tense, just the opposite of what I wanted. A girl stopped me in the hall today to say she was trying to get into the class. She’s a dancer, and seemed pretty outgoing. Her perkiness could be a real boost.

I began showing Them! to the science fiction class and they were surprisingly interested in it. No mocking it, no groaning over it being in black and white. There were a couple of giggles when the first giant ant came on screen, but that was all. There were groans when we had to stop the movie for a visit from the vice principal. There was no school today; we had a professional day, with a visit from Harry Wong (the dancer was there for the pre-lecture entertainment). Anyway, the  sci-fi kids get a quiz tomorrow. I suspect more groans will be heard, although it’s an incredibly easy test.

Also tomorrow, I’ll have students in my remedial English class for 9th graders. I’ll have 20 of them, I guess. Should be interesting. I’m curious to see what kinds of attitudes these kids will have when they come in. They’re being pulled from other classes because they failed English I last semester. They’ll be a challenge, I’m sure.

Writing news … nothing. No word from Scrybe. I haven’t gotten anything done. The agent nudged the editor considering Amara’s Prayer at the big NYC house, and advised me that if she didn’t respond to just consider it a rejection. It’s been about a week. Damn.

2 responses to “On Internet radio tonight”

  1. Thanks
    Nice excuse to stay up and have another beer.
    Look forward to the show.

  2. radio program
    Cool on the program…I missed it! waaaa!
    That sucks about Amara’s Prayer…damn. And you know I don’t even have to say anything about the suckiness that is the Scrybe situation. Boo.

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