Readings past and future

So, the reading at Galileo’s is behind me. I don’t think I showed any — or at least, not much — nervousness. It was a small crowd. I read “Reunion,” then Craig read a couple of short pieces. Then I told the audience subtle time was over and launched into “Dead Betty.” Apparently, a whole lotta people realized it was getting kinda late and they had work the next day. So they left about the time the first blow job scene ended. More left as Betty began to melt on the professor’s face. Oh well.

Tomorrow I tone it way down with a reading of “Unholy Womb” at Scare on the Square up in Enid. I hope this one goes over well. I’m looking forward to taking part in a Halloween activity in Enid. Too bad I can’t go back 30 years and trick or treat the old neighborhood one more time, knowing it would be the last time.

I spent this week subbing at Westmoore High School. Three days of social studies, then two days of art. My first time at WHS. Amazing how different it is than Moore High School. Not gonna say which I prefer, but there’s a definite difference in the attitude of the kids. I’ll spend Monday with junior high kids again. Talk about a contrast! Well, usually.

Today I got my eBay DVD purchases of The Thing from Another World and The Haunting (the original, of course). Woohoo! I’m off to put in The Thing right now. So the electric blanket should have shorted out … I do love that movie! I’m not sure James Arness gets enough face time to keep Jake and Amanda interested, but we’re about to see. Sara will see it’s “a gray movie” and not give it a chance.

Oh, and it’s time to watch Arsenic and Old Lace again, too. If that ain’t Cary Grant’s funniest movie, I’ll eat my VHS copy.

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