Free story, and other stuff

Need a Halloween story? I’ve posted my story “The Halloween Feast” as a free read, but you have to be a reader of my LJ or MySpace to find it. Here’s the link.

Yesterday I finished the first draft of Little Graveyard on the Prairie. It came out pretty close to the way I wanted. I wasn’t sure how it would end until the evening before writing the last chapter. The target publisher for this one wanted about 10,000 words and I came in at about 9,970. I’ve turned it over to the critique group for their thoughts.

An excellent illustrator has inquired about adapting some Darkscapes stories as comics, so I’m going to see what I can do about scripting some of those.

Fall break has brought fall weather. It’s turned off cold here in Okieland. Not really winter cold yet, but a big change from just a few days ago.

I took my little kids to see Monster House at the dollar theater this afternoon. That was a really good movie. One family got up and left about 15 minutes into it. One of the kids was complaining, “There are monsters in Monster House.” Duh. There’s rain in Singing in the Rain, too, kid. Anyway, there were a couple of parts that were pretty intense, even for my Mandy, but overall they really enjoyed it.

The other day, Jake and I watched a movie he picked up at Wal-Mart. It was a $3.88 DVD called The Black Cat. The connection to Poe’s story was very lame. Well, hell, the whole movie was lame. Incredibly lame. What scene does Jake remember? “The two girls in the shower kissing each others’ body.” hehehe Despite the soft-core lesbian porn (without nudity, I might add), the movie sucked so hard it’ll be traded in next time we visit Game Exchange.

Don’t forget about Galileo’s this Wednesday evening. And Scare on the Square Saturday.

I’ll be announcing those contests soon, too. See a previous entry for links to all this stuff. I’m tired and lazy tonight.

4 responses to “Free story, and other stuff”

  1. Did you get to see MONSTER HOUSE in 3D? Best doggone 3D EVER. Loved the movie.
    I liked the little boy behind me in the theater, who as the lights went up at the end of the movie exclaimed, “This time I didn’t get so scared as the first time!”

    1. Oops, that was me above.

      1. No, I didn’t get to see it in 3D. I’m not sure there was a 3D showing here in the OKC area. I don’t recall hearing about it … but then, I’m often out of the loop.

  2. You’re going to read “Dead Betty” tonight at Galileo’s, right? Good luck, don’t be nervous. Just remember to duck. Ha, ha, I just couldn’t resist ragging on you.
    Yeah, it figures Jake would remember that part. Oy. I shouldn’t find that funny, should I?
    Wow, scripting some stories for comics. Cool.
    Speaking about cool…it’s freezing here these past few days.

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