Catching up

Well, Gayleen, since you asked … Scare on the Square was a lot of fun. I didn’t sell a single book, though many kids believed having books on my table meant they should be free. I did give away quite a few bookmarks and every bite of candy I took. I read “Unholy Womb,” despite a brisk wind and a microphone I had to hold while standing in the gazebo on the courthouse lawn. Several kids told me later they enjoyed the story, so that alone was worth it. Amanda, who missed walking in the school’s Red Ribbon Parade that morning, walked right behind the lead car in Enid’s Halloween parade. I’m sad to say I missed it because I was in the van with the other three kids, but Kim said it was very cute, that Mandy waved like a beauty queen the whole time.

Halloween was stressful, but fun. We went to the Moore Community Center, then to Westmoore High School. It was me, Jake, Mandy, Sara and her friend Tessa, who is practically an adopted daughter these days. Jacob was very outgoing and excited.

I’m having some computer issues. It’s probably a memory problem. Programs run very slow. I can click on something, say another folder in my Mozilla Thunderbird, and it literally takes five minutes sometimes for anything to happen. What worries me is that Windows Task Manager shows my CPU usage is often maxed out. Not being tech savvy, I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure it’s something expensive.

Once again, I’m quite frustrated with Scrybe Press. Seven Days in Benevolence did not come out in October, as promised. You may recall, the publisher originally told me it would be out LAST October. E-mail is bouncing at one address and being ignored at another. I haven’t had a royalty statement on ANY of my books in over two years … only assurances that they’re selling well. That only tells me he probably owes me a lot of money instead of a little. I’m getting e-mail from people who pre-ordered the hardcover of Shara, asking when it’s coming out. I don’t know, and can’t seem to get an answer. I’m sorry. I also don’t know when Ulrik will see print. I can’t even get more books; I didn’t have any copies of Murdered by Human Wolves for the last three events I did.

No word from the publishers looking at Amara’s Prayer and The Prometheus Syndrome. Soooo frustrating.

I did a little updating on my Web site today, announcing the contests. But I’ll do a separate post on that tomorrow.

4 responses to “Catching up”

  1. Very frustrating, Steve.

  2. Feeling the pain….
    I’m right there with you bailin’ water in the Scrybe boat, brother…no responses to my emails or my phone call. Is it so hard to drop a 5 sec email? I don’t get it. We’ve been paid our advances, doesn’t he want to see the book out so he can make his money back? Scratching my head….don’t understand…
    Good luck w/ AP and TPS though. šŸ™‚ And I want to read Ulrik!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your hassles with Scrybe, Steve. I hope things improve soon!

  4. “Not being tech savvy, I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure it’s something expensive.”
    Did you ever end up buying more RAM? it’s not that expensive and easy enough to put in – it can make a big difference.
    I’m such a computer geek – of all the things here I answered this one. LOL!

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