ODOT no more

So, yesterday was my last day at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. I feel kinda weird about it. I turned in documentation on what I saw going on. I hope it helps make the work environment better for those I left behind. My boss, who has been out for surgery, never once tried to contact me about my resignation. I guess being caught engaged in hypocricy and … other things … will make one a coward. She knows what I learned because I told her lackey that was one reason I was resigning. Maybe she’ll be the next Carroll Fisher.

Anyway, that’s behind me now. I have not yet accepted the substitue teacher jobs that have come in this weekend. Most have been for elementary schools. Most have been for Tuesday, and I don’t know why. Many have been for the learning disabled classes, and I’m just not sure I’m the person for that. Also, I’m buried in freelance writing at the moment. The client who pays me the most gave me two assignments, which is unusual, and I have two magazine articles due on Tuesday. I may end up spending Monday right here at this desk.

Sara’s birthday is Wednesday. I just can’t believe my little girl is 12 years old. It doesn’t seem possible it was that long ago that she was a tiny, bald baby I never wanted to put down. Now she’s as tall as her mother and prefers the company of her friends to her father. Eh, it happens. I know. She’s out with Kim and a couple of friends now, visiting Bricktown. She got her ears pierced earlier today. Her two friends are spending the night, so it’s sure to be filled with whispers and giggles … and eating. Well, I don’t know what I’d do without her.

The Sooners beat Washington today. I listened to the game on the radio. Sounded like Paul Thompson did better. I’d be more comfortable about facing Oregon next week if this game had been a blowout.

In other news, Richard-Michael Manuel did a nice interview with me that is now online at Znine, the University of Texas at Arlington’s electronic literary magazine. You can read it here.

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