Today, Nathan sent me a PDF of the full-page, four-color ad Scrybe Press is running in the December issue of Realms of Fantasy magazine (on stands Oct. 10). Wow! I was impressed and flattered. Shara is the lead title, taking up a good chunk of the ad. Under the “Coming Soon” header, Seven Days in Benevolence is the first book pictures, alongside two other fine authors, one of whom has several books from a major NYC house. Then, both Murdered by Human Wolves and Call to the Hunt are pictured beside a listing of other titles available from Scrybe. It’s a very nice ad.

I’d like to post the ad, but I didn’t ask, so I won’t.

But, if you’re stout of heart, here’s a link to a couple of images that’ll probably scare you more than anything I’ve written. Sure, I sell T-shirts through my CafePress store, but I never thought to put my own face on one. Yeesh! Anyway, if you’re demented enough to want one of these, Wicked Karnival will be selling them through pretty soon.

Remember the old 3F Publications edition of Shara? The one with “elongated girl” on the cover? Somebody seems to think it’s worth more than emergency toilet paper. To think how I gave away my last copies at Horrorfind last year … Well, except for the one I kept for myself. Had I known somebody would think those copies are worth $2,159.81, I would have hung on to a few more of them. I can’t believe this guy hasn’t sold that copy yet. (Sarcasm alert!) For the record, only about 200 copies of the 3F version were printed. For a cool $3k, I’ll sign my last copy in blood for you. I’ll even pay the shipping.

2 responses to “Images”

  1. Holy Smokes….
    and here I got all excited about The Swan Road goin for $149 over on Amazon…lol! Sheesh! Wow. Hey, while I’ve got your attention, remind Nathan that I’m still alive 🙂

  2. Holy crap, dude, you look like a serial killer!
    I wonder what that book would go for in fine condition?

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