A day of blood and violence

Today started normal enough. Most of us slept in. Then we sat down to an early lunch, with Sara outside taking care of the dogs, something I believe she forgot to do yesterday when her friend was over. We’ve been having dog problems. Ladybug, the older cocker spaniel we’ve had for about four years now, has been guarding the food when it’s first put out, not letting Daisy, Sara’s puppy, eat for a long time.

Daisy has gotten quite a bit bigger than Ladybug. We knew the power structure would change. We’ve seen it with other dogs we’ve owned. It changed today, but not like I would have expected. In the past, the shift has come through a series of altercations until the older dog accepts his new place. Usually, the young dog will end up straddling the old dog, growling and maybe snapping.

Daisy had Ladybug by the throat and was shaking her like a rag doll. Poor Sara was out there trying to stop it and ended up getting bitten on the foot, probably by Daisy. I ran out to break it up and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it. I broke a bamboo stick on Daisy and had to pick up a heavier stick and club her several times before she let go of Ladybug. (For the record, Daisy is unhurt and couldn’t seem to understand why I had no desire to pet her two seconds after she let go of Ladybug.)

So, we got Sara’s foot doctored. It’s not so much a bite as just a small slice made by a tooth. Then we brought Ladybug in and me and Alex bathed her and treated her as best we could. She has a pretty deep wound on her throat and a smaller puncture on her neck. If Daisy’s position had been just a little bit different, I’m sure Ladybug would be gone. The bleeding has finally stopped, but she’s still shaking and kind of lethargic.

My hands reek of dog shampoo, bleach and Ajax I used to clean out the tub after Ladybug’s bath. She was filthy, anyway, made worse by last night’s rain and Daisy pushing her into the mud. Sara’s hobbling, but seems to be okay, other than still upset.

I’m not sure what to do with the dogs. I can’t even imagine what might have happened if it had been Jacob or Amanda out there trying to stop that fight. Ladybug refuses to be completely housebroken, so it’s just a matter of time before she craps on the floor too many times and gets sent out again. (She was supposedly housebroken when we got her.) Daisy is usually a really sweet dog. I’m shocked at the violence she displayed, and that she actually bit Sara, accident or not.

I think this may be the first time we’ve had two female dogs without a male. There have been a few times we’ve had multiple males with one female and the fights have never been this bloody.

Anyway, there’s my drama for the day. And it’s only mid-afternoon.

One response to “A day of blood and violence”

  1. The day ended with something straight out of Tick Hill.

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