It’s Thursday night, right? Hmm. How about that. A week ago I was packing for Horrorfind. Yes, I do wait for the last minute. I’m a writer, ya know. Where has this week gone? Well, down the crapper, but other than that …

For the first time in my life, all my kids are in school. It took all of two days before Jacob’s teacher had to have a talk with Kim when she picked him up. His pre-kindergarten class has activity islands. The second day of class, Jacob took to throwing a fit when it was time to change islands. Have I ever mentioned that he’s a bit … headstrong? Yeah. Well, the teacher told Kim about it, and Kim told me, so yesterday evening Sara set up islands around the house and worked with Jake. Today, his teacher once again came to talk to Kim, but this time it was to say how much better Jacob was in class. Sara can be a huge help in those things. I have good kids, really.

Even if they do drive me a little nutty in the evenings. Sara’s had waaaaaay too much homework the past couple of days. I give her a week before her sixth grade math stumps me.

I’m just about done with one big freelance project for a local community college. I also need to knock off two more magazine articles. Then I can get back to work on The Fetch and Little Graveyard on the Prairie, a novel and novelette, respectively.

Yesterday I submitted “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs” to the best of the horror magazines. I’ll let ya know how that goes.

Me and Craig Wolf are working out some plans for a blitzkrieg of signings, readings and lectures for Halloween. More on that as plans are firmed up.

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