Zombie in the Barn

What the bloody hell is a Lacuna Coil? I didn’t know before last night, and still don’t really know. They have two vocalists. The chick was kinda hot lookin. It’s too bad somebody seemed to be torturing her as the opening act of a three-band bill last night. Poor chick was screaming or moaning about something for about 30 minutes before clearing the stage.

Then came Anthrax. I … have misjudged this band. My intro to Anthrax was some song they did with a rap group back in the late ’80s or so and I just figured their schtick was a gross rap/metal mix. I actually really enjoyed their set last night. And, turns out, I have Madhouse: The Very Best of Anthrax on CD thanks to a former co-worker, so I’m doing a little catch-up now.

Rob Zombie was … something else. Helluva show. No doubt about that. He played pretty much every song I wanted to hear. Except “Pussy Liquor.” But he also commented on how the building — the Fairground Arena — was the ugliest, smelliest place they’d played for a long time. And he seemed to think he should have drawn a bigger crowd. Well, the building’s primary use is for rodeos, so I have to give him the ugly, stinky part, although I thought it was bad form to say so. His whole attitude just reminded me of the stunt he pulled with Dark Delicacies book store several months ago. Still, he promised he’d give us our money’s worth by doing the same show he’d do for a bigger audience, and I think he did. It was a good show.

Somehow, though, we always seem to attract the stoned, drunk idiots. Some wasted bastard sat down behind us before Lacuna Coil even took the stage. He just got worse and worse as the night went on, finally giving somebody else in front of him a beer bath. And that “dance” he was doing … had he moved like that in another setting he would have been sedated and locked away.

Two more days until Teddy Geiger!!!! I’m so pumped. Actually, I think I’ve convinced Sara I would embarrass her and she’s trying to get Kim to go instead of me. Something about a straw cowboy hat and practicing yelling, “Yeeeehaw! Play it again, Teddy Tiger. Sara looooves yooooou!!!”

I just got off the phone with an old friend I hadn’t heard from in about five years and haven’t seen in … 20 years? Something like that. That’s always kinda weird. He’s married to a woman I’ve never met and has three kids I’ve never seen. And he’s never seen my kids. He and his family are coming back to Okieland (from Colorado) later this month.

14 responses to “Zombie in the Barn”

  1. Aw, man, I hate to hear that Mr. Zombie didn’t find Okiehoma to his liking.
    I don’t know if you know, but Alice Cooper is coming to Tulsa in August. I’ve already got my ticket.

    1. I didn’t know that. Hmm. I’ll have to look into making a trip to T-town. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. What a mean Daddy teasing her like that!

    1. What’re daddies for if not to tease their little girls? I was gonna take her to a better restaurant than Kim had in mind, so I may still win out … if going to a Teddy Geiger concert can be called “winning.”

  3. I’d ask Kim to take me too! Ya freak! LOL!
    That’s going to be so weird seeing that friend after so many years, eh? Wow.
    And you shoulda kicked Zombie’s ass. 😉

    1. Yeah, Kim just hasn’t found out yet that the hat is coming with me to Horrorfind. I gotta look like a redneck when I read “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphos.” Yeeeehaw! She’ll love it. (Or slink quietly out of the room.)

      1. Tell me you are NOT going to do that….

        1. Last year I was all stiff and nervous during my reading and it showed. And sucked. This year, I’m going to tell the story as if I was telling it to my kids, except I’ll leave in the cussing and penis-hacking and all that.
          The hat … I guess you’ll have to come to my reading and see, huh? I can promise I won’t go so far as to get (another) mullet for the reading.

          1. I’ll be there – front and center. Sound familiar? (Ya fucker?) LOL!
            Gord and I are reading on Sunday at noon – I don’t expect many people to show up, niether does he. LOL! The Canuk Connection. Um, hungover version. 😉

          2. A Mullet? A mullet! No, no, nooooo…I’d go blind!
            That hat seems to be getting you into all kinds of trouble.

            1. HA! Yeah – it’s the HAT.

  4. The State Fair Arena is a great old hockey barn. I can barely remember, as a little kid — a *very* little kid, standing in one of the narrow hallways with a view of the old Oklahoma City Blazers locker room during intermission. The door swung open and inside were all my hockey heroes… smoking cigarettes! You could just see them through the smoke. Of course it was nothing then, but could you imagine a room full of pro athletes today smoking at halftime?
    Zombie should’ve seen the place before the recent renovations!

  5. FREAKIN A!!!!!

  6. I saw Zombie in NYC earlier this year, and Lacuna Coil opened for him there too. I thought they were great and snatched up a few of their CDs. Check out COMALIES and UNLEASHED MEMORIES if you want to hear more.

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