Spend “One Night in Benevolence” for only 49 cents

My story “One Night in Benevolence” just went on sale today at Amazon.com in their Shorts program. Here’s some linkage for ya. It’s just 49 cents for the download. I’d love to know what you think of the story, so don’t be shy about posting reviews.

If you like that, you’ll probably like at least some of the 34 short stories in Darkscapes, which also is listed at Amazon.

And don’t forget they also have Shara marked down to just $9.72. Many thanks to those who have bought a copy and finally given me a sales rank on the book!

2 responses to “Spend “One Night in Benevolence” for only 49 cents”

  1. Just finished ‘One Night in Benevolence’.
    Nice story – I recommend reading it after dark, listening to old blues or old country music.

  2. Thanks for the link, “One Night in Benevolence” is now the first book in my ‘new’ digital library.
    I keep forgetting to mention how cool it is to see your ‘Plog’ on Amazon.

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