Saturday night

Yup, it’s Saturday night and I’m blogging. Which means … ?

I’m not at the Teddy Geiger concert! hehehe Kim called a little bit ago. Turns out there were THREE teeny-bopper bands playing tonight, not just two. Well, I hope Sara has fun at the show.

Today was the first day of SoonerCon. It was … interesting. The panels have been pretty well attended. Overall attendance was more than the organizers expected, and that’s great. The dealer’s room wasn’t impressive, though if you like comics I suppose it may have been heaven. Much to my shock, Best of Books actually has my books stocked for the con. Even the new Shara. Well, no Murdered by Human Wolves or Darkscapes, but Shara and Call to the Hunt. Of course, the best part is just seeing Brad and Sue Sinor, Craig Wolf, Bev Hale, MT Reiten and others again.

5 responses to “Saturday night”

  1. books
    Yay book stockage! We’re getting excited about Conestoga! We can’t wait to catch up w/everyone! Should be fun! I’m using a lot of exclamation points, aren’t I?

    1. Re: books
      Yes!! You are!! You are a very excited girl!!!!!!

  2. Soonercon
    It were comics heaven, huh? Although my daughter (read: Dark Scion) had to be dragged away from the latex weapons vendor. The child very nearly worries me sometimes.
    It was a nice turnout, and I think the con’s plans to expand to a fullblown 3 day event next year should work out fine. Considering this was starting from scratch, I was fairly pleased with the whole thing.
    The hotel is another matter.

    1. Re: Soonercon
      Daughters and latex … NEVER a good combination!
      And yeah, the hotel left something to be desired, especially with that grandiose name.

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