Oops! I did it again.

Anyone else see the photo of Britney Spears from her TV appearance last week? Man, she looks like trash these days. Who put the clown makeup on her?

Anyway, there is a better point to tonight’s subject line. I’ve placed another piece of short fiction with Amazon Shorts. This time, I even sent them the right story. It’s a little piece called “One Night in Benevolence.” Yes, it takes place in the same made-up Eastern Oklahoma town as my novella Seven Days in Benevolence, but that’s the only connection. There’s a lengthy contract policy for Amazon Shorts, so I really can’t say when the story will be up, but I guess it’ll be a 49 cent download once it’s available.

Many thanks go out to Gayleen and Paul for their comments when I was writing this one. The ending of the first draft really kinda sucked and they didn’t let me leave it like it was. Friends don’t let friends slide by on bad writing. Someday you’ll be reading Paul’s fairy tales and Gayleen’s non-fiction tiger book and mystery novels set in Chickasha, Okla. (You can read Gayleen’s work now in many magazines, including MetroFamily and … an Ozarks magazine and some women’s mags. Help me out, here, Gayleen. I know you’re reading.)

I also posted my very first Amazon Plog tonight. I think you have to have bought one of my books through Amazon to see it. Maybe. I’m not sure how it works, but it seemed cool when Doug Clegg and others did it.

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