Good news, and Tiger Linkage

Lots of good news from Scrybe Press today! Updates sales figures, contracts, and reassurance on a couple of other projects we’d talked about. The 50-copy print run of a signed/numbered hardcover of Shara has about sold out through Shocklines. Don’t wait! Get yours now!

The paperback edition of Seven Days in Benevolence will be out in five or six weeks, according to this news from Scrybe. If you haven’t seen Kirk Alberts’ creepy cover for this one, go to my Web site, click Bibliography and check it out.

Another project we’re talking about is a trade paperback version of Murdered by Human Wolves. Libraries won’t take the saddle-stapled chapbook. Not even for free; I tried donating one to the local library. Many book stores won’t carry them, either. So, there will be a trade paperback. Kirk has agreed to do a cover for it so it will match my other werewolf books from Scrybe. Yes, that means GAK’s stunning black-and-white illustration on the trade paperback will be retired. The new cover will, presumably, carry The Werewolf Saga subhead under the title, and MbHW will be dubbed the first book in the Saga (it already is in Scrybe’s advertising). That part I’m not crazy about, because I thought of it as a supplemental book, and Ulrik reads very much like a second act. But I can live with it.

And yes, that means if you want a copy of the first edition with GAK’s cover (and the real name of the paranormal investigator in the end piece article), you should order now.

So, after going on about Gayleen’s tiger book yesterday, I ended up having a nasty dream about a tiger threatening my youngest kids, and some neighbor kids. The vision of a tiger jumping a fence with your kid between you and it will sure wake you up, I tell ya what. While we’re on the subject of Gayleen and her striped friends, check out this article she had published a while back in Ozarks Monthly magazine.

One response to “Good news, and Tiger Linkage”

  1. My signed/numbered Limited Hardcover Edition of Shara has been ordered. Ahhh.
    Well. did you expect anything less of me?
    You DO remember me, dontcha? LOL

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