Return to Darkscapes!

The signed copies of my newly re-issued short story collection have arrived at Shocklines! And, much to my surprise, Matt has put Darkscapes in Shocklines’ New Voices Guarantee promotion.

So, for $16.95 you get a signed collection of 34 dark-themed horror, fantasy and science fiction tales, and if you don’t like it, Matt will refund your money.

The book includes “Reunion,” the story that may or may not ever be filmed for a horror anthology movie (rights bought by Blackridge Entertainment), along with “Lulu,” which appeared in the last (and unpromoted) anthology released by Lone Wolf Publications, along with what I feel is one of my best short stories, “When the Lady of Byblos Calls.”

You can’t beat that with a dead possum, I tell ya what.

Still not convinced? A few of the stories are offered as free reads through my Web site. They’re not hosted there, just linked from other sites.

Buy here, pay here!

In other news, I’ve been hard at work today on a new piece that will be available on the revamped Werewolf Saga Web site soon. I’m about to put that aside, though, and write up a magazine article on the local band Green Lemon. Nice guys. You should check them out.

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