Late May Update

So, I’m officially retired as a teacher. It’s been a week out of the classroom so far. I thought I’d have a lot more written by now, but I’ve mostly been working on formatting The Saga of Tarod the Nine-Fingered, which is up for pre-order now. Amazon’s KDP won’t allow pre-orders for paperbacks, but the places served by Draft2Digital have the paperback. The e-book is available everywhere, and I’m thrilled to report that Ken O’Brien is on board to narrate the audio book (he’s done several of my past books).

There are several other irons in the fire. I’ve done a couple of polls to get reactions for various covers for First Born, the new book in The Werewolf Saga. I most recently put up these five options on Facebook:

I’ve made my decision and it is … none of these. I spent a lot of time on #4, keeping in mind the cover should work with the tropes people expect, but I’m just not completely happy with it. There was a lot of love for #5, and I like it, but it looks too much like a comic book. I received some great feedback and some suggestions that I took under consideration and made a cover that is similar to one of these.

I’ll reveal the cover and a link to pre-order First Born soon. I’m looking at an early August release for this one.

I threw in the towel on trying to make a cover for The Lost Pages Bookstore. I couldn’t make anything I liked, so I just put in a ticket with the folks at GetCovers because they blew me away with what they did with the Tarod cover. I can’t wait to see what they do. I’ll also be putting this one up for pre-order soon. It’ll be a fall release.

I really came here to share a description of the characters for Lost Pages, but I think I’ll save that for the cover reveal and pre-order launch.

When I’m not editing finished manuscripts, I’m working on the first book in a new series of Western stories called The Travels of Jacob Wolf, with the first book called The Broken Man. These will be short, in the style of Robert Hanlon’s Timber: U.S. Marshall series.

Let’s see, we’ve covered fantasy, horror, literary, and western genres in this post. I’ve been told writing in multiple genres is holding me back, but I can’t help it. I am going to take the advice to write in series, though. Lost Pages will be the last standalone you’ll see from me for a while.

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