Foray Into Fantasy

The first novel I finished writing was The Prometheus Syndrome, a horror novel you can buy here (it was not my first published novel). My second finished book was another horror novel called The Living Dark that has never seen the light of day. For my third novel, I decided to write a sword-and-sorcery fantasy that had the pulpy feel and action of Robert E. Howard’s yarns mixed with the epic story arc of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth stories.

The Saga of Tarod the Nine-Fingered was clunky and trite and flat out ripped off a lot of Howard’s place names. For over 30 years, the book languished on the hard drives of several computers. Every once in a while I’d tinker with the four adventures contained in the first volume, then move on to something else.

I’ve been watching a lot of old fantasy movies lately, and it put me in the mood to return to the world of Tarod. I’m publishing the book first as individual novellas (covers on your left) to imitated how Howard’s Conan (and other) stories appeared in magazines, but then I’ll collect the four back together for a paperback edition (cover on your right).

Three of the novellas are currently available, with the fourth coming next week (I hope!). I messed up the release date for #2 on Amazon, so the link I’m going to post is the universal book link for #1. You can use it to get to the next two (or three) adventures.

Click here to start the adventure.

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