Little Graveyard audiobook available now

I’m very pleased to announce that the audiobook version of my novella Little Graveyard on the Prairie is now available for download from,, and the iTunes store.

Here’s a little description of the story:

Harley Shaw’s life is falling apart around him. His best pasture is ruined. His cattle are gone. His wife is gone. His daughter is gone. His sanity is slipping away, and there may be dead people taunting him.

Dead ain’t gone, and gone ain’t dead.

After his land was ruined in oil speculation, Harley’s wife left him, taking their young daughter with her. Harley had to find a new source of income, so he began selling all-natural burial plots on his secluded farm. But the bodies aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Now the souls of the dead and visions of Harley’s own past are threatening to make him lose his mind.

The narrator for this book is Ted Brooks. Ted did an absolutely amazing job bringing Harley, Bluebird, and all the other characters to life. I’ve listened to a lot of audiobooks and I can promise you that Ted’s reading is one of the best I’ve heard.

This was my first experience with’s ACX program that allows authors to hook up with narrators/producers to create audio editions of their work. The process was very easy to use and I highly recommend it to any author who has the audio rights to his/her work.

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