Nadia's Curse

Where did the first werewolves come from? If you’ve read the extra material here at The Werewolf Saga Online, you know the basics. Now you can see the human — and animal — side of that first transformation. For the first time ever, “Nadia’s Curse” is available through‘s new publishing program. You can download it for you Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices. It’s a short story prequel to The Werewolf Saga. I hope you enjoy it.

6 responses to “Nadia's Curse”

  1. I unfortunantly do not have a kindle. Is there a way I could just buy it and view it without one?

  2. Yes, there is. Before I decided to go with the Kindle publication I made sure you could read it without buying Amazon’s device. You can download a free Kindle for PC (or Mac) app from, then buy the story.

    Here’s the link to the story:

    If you scroll down a little on the right hand side you’ll see a box with the heading “Read books on your computer or other mobile devices.” Choose the app you want to download. Again, it’s free. I’ve really enjoyed the free app and all the free Kindle downloads of public domain books I can get now. Have fun, and thanks for your interest!

  3. Thanks alot! your awesome!

  4. If this is a prequel to The Werewolf Saga will Shara and all of them be in it?

    I finished Ulrik awhile ago and i’m dying to see what happened to them since then ending of the book was a mega cliff hanger. I check your site a lot and i have found nothing indicating when the next book will be out.

    If it is already and i have missed it, will you please tell me the title of it so i can find it and dive back into the world that you have created?

    1. Hi Brandie! Thanks so much for your interest and kind comments. “Nadia’s Curse” is a kind of long short story that is a prequel to The Werewolf Saga. It tells the story of how the first werewolves were made. Shara and Ulrik aren’t in it. Of the characters you’ve already met, only Holle, the Old One, is in this one. I’m so sorry to be behind on the next book. I’m working on it and am about 2/3 finished, but have had other projects that needed attention. The title of it is Nadia’s Children. Shara, Thomas, Chris, and everyone will be back in that one, plus a guy from “Nadia’s Curse”. Some previously minor characters become more important, and we meet another major figure. Again, thank you so much for following me on this journey! Keep howlin’!

  5. Thank you! I look forward to reading Nadia’s Children and Nadia’s Curse. This has been one series that always pulls me back in, i have no clue how many times i have re-read Shara and Ulrik, i have both books almost memorized! Lol. Thank you for your time and i will definitly keep howlin!

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