Scrybe Press update

Just to update the situation with Scrybe Press … the publisher has contacted me and is working to rectify issues. There is a chance the books of The Werewolf Saga, as well as Seven Days in Benevolence, will remain in print with Scrybe Press.

3 responses to “Scrybe Press update”

  1. I’m guessing this would be preferable, right? Good luck.

    1. Yeah, actually, it would. I don’t know if there’d be a bigger publisher interested at this point and it could take years to get another publisher and get the books back out. Hopefully Scrybe will get on — and stay on — the ball. He said he’s mailing me a check today, and more should be coming very soon.

  2. Definitely the right step in the right direction. I agree – it’s very hard to find a publisher to pick up an existing series in this genre.

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