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It was with great regret that I sent the owner of Scrybe Press an e-mail today demanding that he stop printing all my titles he’s published, including the four books of The Werewolf Saga. The publisher is in breach of contract, and I’m calling him on it.

That means the four published volumes of The Werewolf Saga will be going out of print very soon. I’m about halfway through the third full-length novel, Nadia’s Children, and I hope I will be able to resell at least the two full novels and this new one to another publisher that will meet its obligations. I would like to see the series go to a major publisher, but submitting there is something I’ll have to consider once I get the final sales numbers for the books. Ironically, the more copies sold of Shara and Ulrik, the less likely I’ll be able to resell them to a big publisher.

In regards to Murdered by Human Wolves and Call to the Hunt, I’m hoping I can package those stories with some other stories that are either unpublished or have appeared elsewhere into a new single volume that I’d like to call Werewolf Saga: Apocrypha. We’ll see how it goes.

I want to thank you all for your support of The Werewolf Saga so far. I’m very, very sorry the release of Nadia’s Children will be delayed indefinitely, but I hope you’ll greet it with enthusiasm when it is finally available.

In regards to my other books, I’m also terminating my ties with Fine Tooth Press, which is also in breach of contract. Darkscapes is finished; I have no plans to ever re-release that collection. I would like to take the ghost stories from Darkscapes and combine them with Seven Days in Benevolence, some newer tales, and Little Graveyard on the Prairie and publish a collection of ghost stories at a price that would let more people read Little Graveyard. Maybe it’ll happen. Maybe not.

6 responses to “My Books”

  1. hate to hear when this happens to other authors (been there myself) good luck, you’re a good writer and you’ll end up on your feet elsewhere, I’m sure of it πŸ™‚
    R. Thomas Riley

    1. Thanks, Thomas. It’s actually because of the recent sale to Bloomsbury that I’m doing this. I don’t want sales of these books to spike and me not get any of the money.

  2. I’m sure these will be the best decisions for you in the long run….

  3. Are you going to keep any copies yourself in case losers like me who haven’t bought them all yet (and might forget by tomorrow unless I’m sent an email) can possibly get them off you in the future?

  4. Gotta do what you gotta do.
    Hopefully this will free up those works to find better homes.

  5. A drastic move, Steve – which means it’s probably the right one to make. Really sorry to hear it – I loved their covers for you, at least.

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