The Big News

I’m finally at liberty to announce a project that has been hinted at for well over a year. Carrie Jones (read her blog, too:   ) and I have sold a collaborative young adult novel called Ghost Sickness to Bloomsbury. Those of you who already follow Carrie know that Bloomsbury is the publisher of her New York Times best-selling pixie stories, Need and Captivate, and will publish the third in her series late this year or early 2011.

Ghost Sickness is a project our editor seems very excited about. In fact, Bloomsbury wants to release it in the spring of 2011, which is quite fast considering it was just accepted a week or so back. It will be a hardcover release, with a paperback to follow at some point. All I’ll say about the plot right now is that it involves demonic possession.

It was a real pleasure to write this book with Carrie. How much of a pleasure? We wrote the entire first draft in just over one month. I’d write the male point of view chapter, send it to her via e-mail, and she’d write the next chapter from the female perspective. I couldn’t wait to get the file back to see what happened next. It was probably the most enjoyable writing experience I’ve had, and I think we finished with a very good book.

This is my first foray outside of the collectible and penny-ante small press. I’m very grateful to Carrie, and to our fantastic agent, Edward Necarsulmer (I still can’t believe I’m repped by the same agency that handled John Steinbeck!). And, of course, thanks to Bloomsbury’s Michelle Nagler.

7 responses to “The Big News”

  1. Congratulations!! That is terrific news and I’m sure the book will be a huge hit. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Wow, way to go! The switching POVs with the collab sounds cool.

  3. That sounds fantastic.
    Also, like something I would read. XD Yay for YA!

  4. Freakin’ AWESOME!

  5. Fantastic news, Steve! Congratulations, man. You deserve it.

    That’s great, Steve. Congrats.

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