Various writing bits

I will not complain about my students in this post. I swear it. Instead, I will talk about various writing projects. First up, The Prometheus Syndrome. I thought this was slated for an April 2010 release from Bad Moon Books. Thanks to the economy, however, it’s been pushed back to September of 2011. This means I probably won’t have any books released in 2010, and only had the limited edition novella in 2009. I am not thrilled about this. However, on the upside, John Carey is working on the cover and interior art for the book and Christophe, a local musician and giant of a human being, is going to work with me to made a four-song CD based on the book. This should be very cool. I should like to John and Christophe, but it’s late, I’m tired and just don’t want to log in to MySpace. And hey, we have lots of time, right?

Blowback from Twilight isn’t all bad, as I’ve heard from a few people in various parts of the country who have found my werewolf books somehow and took the time to let me know they enjoyed them. That really makes my day. It’s nice when somebody you met face to face buys a book and tells you later s/he liked it, but when a total stranger does it? That’s very, very cool. Thanks to all of you!

I spent last weekend working on the novel I co-wrote with Carrie Jones. I was a week later than I promised. But hey, better late than never. I still think we made a very good book. I hope ya’ll get to see it soon.

With that one out of the way for now I can return to Nadia’s Children, the next Werewolf Saga book. I’m hoping to kick some serious butt on that one over the holiday break. I think I’m going to do something I haven’t ever really done in one of the werewolf books. It’s a literary trick I’m not a big fan of, but I can’t think of any other way around a pending problem with time.

If you want to keep up with progress on the new werewolf book, you can follow The Werewolf Saga on Twitter. I’ll start posting updates when I get 100 followers. Until then, I sometimes tweet random bits of werewolf news and lore.

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