Too many projects!

I have a ton of stuff I need to do. The media is going nuts over werewolves, so I’m looking for ways ot get my Werewolf Saga into the hands of someone who can do something good with it. Have you heard? Yeah, yeah, New Moon leads the box office, but next year we have the remake of The Wolf-Man, and they’re remaking The Howling (probably a really BAD idea), and there are new werewolf story lines in existing paranormal TV shows, and a new series about werewolves coming soon. I need an agent and a publisher that’ll take on my werewolf books and get them in the hands of the fans. Scrybe Press is just … well … look at the Web site. That’s no help.

Besides the query letters I’m writing for the existing books, I’m really, really wanting to get back to writing Nadia’s Children. I finished an important scene last weekend and am all itchy to keep going.

But instead I’m working on something with more potential. I’m only about halfway through another round of edits on Ghost Sickness, which is not what I’d hoped for. I wanted to be done by now, but with the second job and all, I just haven’t made it.

I’ve decided to want to do some tweaks to The Fetch and make it a real young adult novel. Right now, I think it could go either way, YA or adult. Carrie says her agent likes the guy voice in Ghost Sickness, so I’m thinking I should have a YA novel in a mostly guy voice to offer up sometime soon.

But you know what I’m really doing, right? (Other than blogging.) I’m about to grade a bunch of essays turned in late. I gave the students a lecture about how their final draft is due Dec. 22, regardless of when they get their rough drafts back. And to teach them a lesson about deadlines, I’m not giving these late essays back until Dec. 21. It amazes me how many of those students who were late think that lecture didn’t apply to them.

Well, none of it will get done if I don’t close this and get to work. Please don’t forget about my Give the Gift of Lycanthropy contest to support Mission: Wolf!

3 responses to “Too many projects!”

  1. May I respectfully suggest that you give some feedback on the rough drafts before they hand in the final drafts?

    1. Oh, I do. The pages are covered with colored ink when I give them back. I tell them what’s missing, mark spelling and punctuation errors, etc. But I tell ya, when you spend four weeks explaining what you want on the essay and they can’t even pretend to follow the model you gave them, you really have to wonder.

      1. In that case, the munchkins made their own bed, let them sleep in it! Their pity has been revoked!

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