Writing on the new Werewolf Saga book, Nadia’s Children, is going very well. I mean, I’m really into the writing. This happened last December, on a project I can’t really discuss yet, but prior to that I haven’t been this engrossed in writing since Ulrik. I only have about 7,500 words at the moment, but I suspect it’ll continue to grow quickly, especially starting next week when I’m done with the teaching workshop I’m in all day every day this week.

I’ve introduced a new character. His name is Skandar. He is an Old One. I’m not sure yet what his role will be in the story, but it seems it’ll be bigger than I originally expected, as I’m fascinated with him.

I won’t make the mistake I’ve made with other books and talk about this one too much before it’s finished. That seems to jinx my progress, but I will post updates here every once in a while.

Please don’t forget about the Vampire vs Werewolf battle/signing with Gabrielle S. Faust next Saturday at Eerie Books of Wylie, Texas. We hope to see you there, and remember that Mission: Wolf and the werewolves can use your $2 donations (see the site for details).

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