Pirates II: Curse of the Snark

In yesterday’s post about story thieves I said I couldn’t possibly contact all of those places that had "Unholy Womb" illegally posted. I did, however, contact and told him to remove the story or pay me 3 cents per word for the privilege of having it on his site. He responded in typical pirate fashion:

it’s gone, it isn’t worth .03 for the entire story. sorry for any inconvenience. (sic)

Isn’t that nice? He apologized … after saying the entire story he’d had posted on his site for over two years isn’t worth 3 cents in its entirety. Well, maybe he’s saving his money for some mail order grammar and punctuation lessons. Douchebag.

Meanwhile, Stephen Evans (steve@thecryptmag.com) of The Crypt Mag (www.thecryptmag.com) still has my story online. Click the e-mail link and tell him what a putz he is if you want.

2 responses to “Pirates II: Curse of the Snark”

  1. I think it was Bela Legosi who once said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Maybe this is your bad publicity? Either way, I posted a comment at the end of your story. Is there no legal action you can take? Guess it likely wouldn’t be worth the expense and hassle, eh? Damn leechers.

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