RIP first fantasy girl

I remember going into my room one day in 1977 and finding this tacked to my wall

I still suspect my dad wanted the poster and just used my 11-year-old self as an excuse. No matter. I pretended I didn’t like it because, you know, girls were still kinda gross at that point. But really … Yeah. After that, any Farrah picture I could get went on the wall, and in that first year of "Charlie’s Angels" there were a ton of pictures to be had. Somewhere I still have all my "Charlie’s Angels" trading cards, the first set that had puzzle pieces on the back. Ah, summer days with Chuck Bumgardener as we’d rush to Holding’s Food Store to buy another pack, tear them open, chomp the gum and ogle the cards. We both wanted a Mustang II Cobra like Jill drove on the show, too.

And now Farrah’s gone.

This is big. I mean, I had three posters of people on my wall back then. There was Farrah, Roger Staubach and KISS. The 1970s, when the originals were in KISS, the Dallas Cowboys had class and Farrah was a goddess married to a six-million-dollar man. Good times.

Rest in peace, Farrah.

One response to “RIP first fantasy girl”

  1. I think we were seperated at birth. Only I had the Steelers, not Dallas, on my wall.

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