Some people never learn

No, they don’t. Fortunately, my wife is one of those people. She could have done better, but never learned it, I guess. Or maybe I’m her get-into-Heaven charity project. I don’ t know.

It was 24 years ago today that she willingly walked up an aisle, stood beside me and agreed to stay with me come hell or high water. And I’ve given her both since then.

I still love you, baby.

Is Family Guy on yet? (Inside joke.)

4 responses to “Some people never learn”

  1. Has it been a year already? Congratulations.

  2. Some people never learn…………
    Congrats Steven!
    My husband and I will celebrate 24 later this year, I applaud you both!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aww, ain’t you sweet!!! Twenty-four years…doesn’t seem possible.
    I love you, too.
    It’s on somewhere;)

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