Catching up

Well, for those of you who are wondering about the post I made about an hour ago, (yes, both of you) this is a project Gabrielle Faust and I have been working on. I have to add the donation link to that site once the werewolf charity is established, so it isn’t finished, but I needed to create the page so we could move forward with the design of the main site. What’s that? You know you wanted this. It’s your chance to join the battle at Vampire vs Werewolf. I’ll post more details about what’s going on when the site is finished, but I wanted to explain why that seemingly random LiveJournal page was there … In short, WordPress won’t let us put a PayPal button on any page or sidebar.

All this ties into the July 18 signing I’ll be doing with Gabrielle at Eerie Books of Wylie, Texas. We hope to see you there!

So, school ended. It was sad. Lots of hugs, then my seniors set off to see what the wide world has to offer them. There are a few I really worry about, but fortunately we’re still communicating, and I’m still pushing them along.

I had a chance to buy a European DVD of 1984 with John Hurt, so I did it, thinking I could get the hack code and make one of my four DVD players play the thing. Nope. I was hoping I could show this to one of my classes, but now I seem to just be stuck with a DVD I can’t play. Any suggestions?

I have one more work day to close out the school year, then three days off before the summer school prep day, which is the same day as SoonerCon.

How do you know when you’re old? Other than the fact you can’t hear that cell phone ringtone only kids can hear and that your eye doctor tells you to start wearing bifocals. Summer comes and you want to hear the songs you played when you were a kid. Right now I’m listening to REO Speedwagon’s Decade of Rock and Roll: 1970 to 1980. Of course, I had to listen to something to drown out the [c]rap my daughter is playing on the front porch. I remember when Run DMC teemed up with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry for "Walk this Way" that I thought that kind of music would just be a flash in the pan, like new wave and disco were. Why won’t it go away?!?!?!

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