Some random stuff

My computer will not let me eject my flash drive. It tells me something is still open or running and that I must wait. And so I blog about random things.

Today is Memorial Day. Well, it was. The clock just rolled over to midnight. I don’t know many veterans, really. A few here and there. There are — or were — some in my family, but I never got to hear their stories. Most of them died before I knew enough to ask. But, from what my mom tells me, they probably wouldn’t have talked about their experiences, anyway. I suppose war is like that. If you’ve killed and seen your friends killed around you, can you really talk about it to people who haven’t experienced it? I don’t know. But I thank those who have done it, and with so many of my students looking at military service, I think about it a lot more than I used to.

Speaking of students, yesterday was our graduation. Our valedictorian, an incredibly sweet young lady who completely breaks all the rules of being a blonde cheerleader, cried during her speech. Two of the three salutatorians also cried. I knew the third wouldn’t cry. Life has made her one tough cookie. There was a lot of hugging afterward. A lot of handshaking. It was bittersweet, and I guess it’s supposed to be.

Well, there was something else I was going to blog about, but considering it’s a legal issue, I suppose I won’t. Okay, I did write it a couple of different ways, then deleted it.

I didn’t finish The Girls Nobody Wanted to Date this weekend. I did make some progress, though.

I have a student reading it now, and we have three days of school left. Can I finish it in time?

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