I hadn’t posted anything to The Werewolf Saga site in a while, so today (technically, it’s yesterday now) I sat down and waxed eloquent on the subject of vampires. Somehow the post has found it’s way to LoveParaRomance‘s Twitter page, where it’s a top post for March. Check it out here.

I really don’t get Twitter. What’s it all about? Do we really need to know what everybody’s thinking or doing every minute? It seems to me almost like signing up to be under the eye of Big Brother. If you do it, please tell me what the attraction is.

Our prom was tonight, so the wife and I went. The music was awful, but the kids were dressed up and having a good time. My KISS tie was popular, even if the band isn’t popular with that age group. Maybe I’ll post a picture later.

2 responses to “Vampires”

  1. WEDEL! Haha. I fooooound you.
    Only cause I was trying to show someone a book you wrote.
    ^-^ Prom was gay. XD

    1. Eeek! Stalked by students! hehe You mean, I brought my wife to gay prom? I feel so stupid! 😉 “Gay” or not, you looked very nice. Thanks for pimping my books. Tell you friend to buy copies or you get an F in English. haha

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