I hadn’t posted anything to The Werewolf Saga site in a while, so today (technically, it’s yesterday now) I sat down and waxed eloquent on the subject of vampires. Somehow the post has found it’s way to LoveParaRomance‘s Twitter page, where it’s a top post for March. Check it out here.

I really don’t get Twitter. What’s it all about? Do we really need to know what everybody’s thinking or doing every minute? It seems to me almost like signing up to be under the eye of Big Brother. If you do it, please tell me what the attraction is.

Our prom was tonight, so the wife and I went. The music was awful, but the kids were dressed up and having a good time. My KISS tie was popular, even if the band isn’t popular with that age group. Maybe I’ll post a picture later.

2 responses to “Vampires”

  1. Did you get lucky at the prom? What did you drive?
    I’m with you on Twitter.

  2. I use twitter for a couple of reasons. With friends, it’s like an open IM that they all can read, so you get an interaction with a group that’s a litle harder with email or other programs. Someone can ask about a movie, or a writing technique, or even something technical and get a few points of view pretty quickly.
    Another reason, much like MySpace and other sites, is promotion. I can put on twitter to go check out the new art I posted on my site, and most of the time I get 4 or 5 responses about it. I can see popping up in my site’s stats far more than any of my other attempts (including MySpace or LiveJournal).
    I also follow some folks purely for information. I follow and the Onion for humor, the History Channel for shows and historical tidbits, and so on. There are also folks like Irene Gallo (Tor’s art director) and Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-chief) who are always throwing out tiny but invaluable bits of information on how to break into the business, what not to do, etc.
    I think what you get with twitter is the thought that someone was just working through. I don’t follow the people who just put things like “I just took a crap at walmart” or “I ate fluffy pancakes”, though certainly everyone posts something like that on occasion. It’s those little tidbits of information you can catch that someone might not write up later that works so well. Quesada for example is stymied daily by people who submit work to Marvel in terrible ways, and he immediately posts something about it that he might not bother to mention with more thought. More for me to put in my “don’t do that” part of my mind for when I am submitting my own work.

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