Weekend update

Scarlet’s Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival is over and done. To my surprise, I sold more books than I typically do at a lot of literary conventions. Mind you, it wasn’t a lot, but enough to make the venture worthwhile. Even better, though, was getting to see an old friend from college and my days at The Oklahoman newspaper. Celie R. works for the festival. I hadn’t seen her in forever. Well, last time I saw her, her youngest daughter was a little hellion in junior high. She’s married and has a very cute baby boy now. It was a good weekend. I’ll post some pictures later, when I find my camera cord.

I just finished editing the Super Secret Project I can’t talk about yet. I think it’s good. That’s not being totally arrogant. But I can’t explain it yet.

Supposedly we’re about to have our first serious ice storm of the winter. It’s getting colder, for sure. The rain is supposed to move in tomorrow afternoon, start freezing, and last until Wednesday. If that happens, I’m sure schools will close. They’re saying power lines could go down, trees will fall, all that stuff. Probably a bit of overkill. No way it’ll be like the one we had when we lived in Ponca City back in 2002.

One of my students now thinks I’m the alpha of a werewolf coven. That’s a long story.

We pretty much finished our Bible unit in AP without anyone getting too bent out of shape. We’ll do the test tomorrow, then a timed writing on the 1981 open-ended question on Tuesday.

My regular English class is doing Macbeth. I think I hate Shakespeare even more than they do. I do have to plug libravox.org here. Our text book came with a CD with all the material as audio, but I have to sit at the desk and click an arrow at the end of every page, so I’m using the Libravox free audio book of the play. That way I can pace with my stick and keep the little darlings awake.

Oh! I bought a pair of padded "swords" yesterday at the festival. I can’t wait to do Beowulf again.

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