New Little Graveyard Review posted a very nice review of Little Graveyard on the Prairie yesterday. Here’s a bit from the review:

Wedel is a skilled, understated writer, who takes a fairly simple premise and plays it out with class and intelligence. He also writes with great economy, so that you only have 55 pages of heartbreak to endure. By making sure he gets the emotions right, Wedel can pull of a variety of surreal, horrific and hallucinatory scenes with aplomb. ‘Little Graveyard on the Prairie’ is a nice, clean horror-fiction reading experience.

I also received an ARC of the book in the mail today. It’s really nice. Has the cover art on it instead of just a white cover. Roy told me yesterday the book is at the printer and should be ready in about three weeks, which would be just in time for Christmas, huh? A signed, limited edition hardcover of a small book people might be reluctant to buy for themselves. That’d be a sweet gift. Come. Click. Buy.

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