Lock Down

The high school went into lock down today at about 1 p.m., right toward the end of 4th period. That was miserable. Apparently, some girl said that two Mexican boys had guns, so we went to lock down and the cops were called. When said po-po arrived, the girl said she was only kidding. We stayed in lock down.

In lock-down mode, we lock classroom doors and kids are supposed to sit against the wall between the two doors, out of sight of the windows on the doors. Twenty-five seniors won’t fit in that space. I had kids sitting there, in closets, behind bookshelves moved around to hide them, and behind (and under) my desk. Teachers didn’t have to be out of sight (worrisome?), so I sat at my desk and worked on a test for a while, until one of the little brats sitting on the floor with me started farting. The stench! So I went back to pacing the room and trying to keep the others settled down.

The cops, a principal, another teacher, janitors and our ROTC sergeant went room to room scanning students and checking bags. Lockers were searched. The bell rang for the end of 5th period, which is also the end of school, and still they wouldn’t let the kids leave. I had my 4th period kids in class from just before 11 a.m. until 2:45. I kept thinking, "Any class but this one." They’re seniors. Most of them are jocks. One of those always drinks this muscle-building stuff at about 12:30. Pretty soon he was griping that he had to pee. Girls were complaining that they had to pee. They wanted food. They thought that, although I was in the room with them, where they could see everything I did, somehow I was getting information they didn’t have.

Had this happened 15 minutes later I would have had my 5th period with me. AP seniors, and only 11 of them. Show choir girls, mostly. They would have sang. They would have read. They would have acted human. I would not have a throbbing headache.

This came two days after two custodians were fired for stealing from multiple classrooms. They took $21 from my sophomore class cash box.

Earlier last month two of our current students were arrested for robbing and murdering a pizza delivery man. Over the past week two former students have also been arrested in relation to that incident. The kid who allegedly pulled the trigger was in my summer school class in 2007 … until he got suspended and arrested during school for threatening the principal when he was sent to the office for cussing in the hallway. He’s 16 or 17. The pizza guy had a wife and baby. The school handled the arrests by forbiding talk of the incident.

I still wouldn’t trade this job for any other I’ve had. Now, if I could have this job and the Conoco salary, that’d be sweet.

21 responses to “Lock Down”

    1. Better’n some of the really ghetto schools in OKC.

  1. Holy crud, Steve. What a day. I’m sorry. I’m glad you’re alive though and everything, but man… glamberson is right… good times.

    1. Well, I did learn one thing: The giant defensive end who usually takes nothing seriously and is a goofy pain in the butt does have some leadership ability when you can get through to him that this is for real.

  2. The more YOU learn, the easier it gets. LOL! Thankfully this is something I never had to experience.
    But G came home this week with new knowledge. Apparently if you call someone a “goof” it’s one of the worst names you can be called in jail. It’s what they call the pedophiles. A goof. Stick that in your 4:20 and smoke it. LOL!
    Sorry you had such a rough day. You and all of G’s staff should form a support group.

    1. Goof, huh? I’ll keep that in mind. 😉 I’d love to hear how G learned that little lesson. I think.
      4:20 I had some students asking me if I’d heard of that and what it really meant. Thanks to you I was able to answer them.

      1. Some of his students volunteer information, they open up to him. I’ts a good thing, trust me.
        I’m glad this info is proving to be useful for you, too! LOL!

  3. We had a lock down 1 month ago.
    A kid at another school had a weapon and implicated one of the students at my school. It was thought he had a gun in his bag.
    15 very large SWAT team officers stormed the hallways and took the student down. He had nothing on him but we were in lock down for an hour.

    1. I suppose it could be worse – you could be one of the SWAT guys…

    2. Crazy stuff, huh?
      The OKC cops scanning our students were a real pack of jerks, too.

  4. Makes me glad I went to schoold in nice, boring, Edmond (well… except that Edmond is the city that literally started the term “going postal”).
    Some of the students in your school were behind that pizza delivery murder? Hang the bastards! I used to deliver pizza, and worried (as I do now) not about crime, but about STUPID crime. And what they did was about as stupid as it gets.

    1. …except that Edmond is the city that literally started the term “going postal”
      I just know there’s a story/explanation there that I would like to learn. What’s the real history? (If you don’t mind my asking.)

      1. You’ve probably heard the cliche about the U.S. postal workers who go in and shoot up their places of employment, right? The very first one happened in Edmond, Oklahoma.
        We’s real innovators here in Okieland. Shopping carts, parking meters, post office massacres … Yep, we started it all.

        1. don’t forget Sonic driveins and the game Pente!

          1. Ummmm. Sonic. Can’t forget Sonic.
            Or Braum’s.

            1. meh, I prefer the Dairy Queens down in austin;)

                1. it is north of the mason dixon. South they are all part of the same group and get their meat from the same group and are just…NOT the DQ of up here. Up here you never know what you are going to get in DQ (since they are each owned by individuals and don’t have any regulations really) but down there they have the menu and the same food.

        2. You must be proud. 😛

      2. It’s pretty simple and pretty unpleasant. In 1986 a guy got fired from the Edmond post office. He came back in a few days later and shot the place up. Killed… 16 people? That doesn’t sound right, but it was quite a few. First time that had ever happened at a post office. I think that there were two or three copycat crimes over the next four or five years.

        1. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I had a feeling it was based on a story like this, but couldn’t remember the details. 1986 was a long time ago. 😉

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