Weekend Writing

I have not had this much fun writing in years! It was a very productive long holiday weekend. The collaboration I wrote about the other day is amazing. My partner is incredible. I do my writing just so I can send the project back and see what she’ll do next. While I wait, I have all this energy that I’m able to pour into The Girls Nobody Wanted to Date.

Or grade papers. I had over 20 essays to grade this weekend. I was in such a good mood that I was handing out A’s like candy. Okay, the kids earned good grades on these final drafts, but still I was pretty generous in my grading.

I just hope we can sustain this pace once the work week starts in, ooooh … six or seven hours. Hmm. If I don’t assign anything I’d actually have to grade … Just kidding! (I don’t think my students read this, but who knows?)

The icing on the cake was the Vikings whipping the Bears tonight and the Oklahoma Sooners passing Texas in the BCS rankings. Boomer Sooner, baby!

Anyway, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as good as mine.

2 responses to “Weekend Writing”

  1. Oh, so your partner is a girl, huh?

    1. Oooh. Did I let that slip? Well, yeah, she’s a girl. Nice gal. Brunette. You might know her.

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