Fear Zone reviews Little Graveyard on the Prairie

Greg Lamberson just let me know that Fear Zone’s review of Little Graveyard on the Prairie went live. Reviewer Norman L. Rubenstein offers a very detailed review that doesn’t give away the twist of the story. Here’s a little snippet of the review to get you going:

… the novella is compelling and wonderfully written, as are the accompanying two short stories. Little Graveyard on the Prairie is yet another fine offering from Bad Moon Books, and further evidence that Steven E. Wedel is a truly gifted author whose works should be on the TBR lists of all serious readers.

Here’s a link to order your copy of Little Graveyard on the Prairie. Over half the 100-copy print run is sold out. Roy told me the other day that he has the advanced reader copies to send out, and that the book itself will be out in early December. Could you ask for a better Christmas gift? I think not!

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