Little Graveyard up for pre-order

I’ve been talking about it for a while, and now you can put your money where my mouth has been. No, not there! You can finally pre-order Little Graveyard on the Prairie from Bad Moon Books. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link.

Here’s a brand new synopsis I wrote for the book this evening:

Harley Shaw is a lonely man. His wife left him years ago, taking their daughter with her. His farm was ruined in 1980s oil speculation and money was running low. Then he hit upon an idea he felt sure would rejuvenate his farm and reunite his family – he began selling burial plots to people who wanted their final resting place to be all natural, and in a peaceful country setting.

The problem is, Harley wasn’t leaving the bodies beneath the stone markers. He’d found another use for them, and the spirits that once inhabited the bodies were not pleased.

Haunted by the ghosts living on his farm and tormented by the intermittent dementia of Alzheimer’s disease, Harley Shaw is a man who knows his grasp on reality is becoming tenuous. But he has more to learn. Memory and the ghosts will teach him that …

Dead ain’t gone, and gone ain’t dead.

Did I mention that you can order the book now? Should I remind you of the blurbs again? No? Just one.

“A touching tale of pain and madness. Wedel’s voice is one of the most intelligent and moving I’ve read lately, and I’m now looking forward to many more such works by him.” -Kim Paffenroth, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Gospel of the Living Dead, Dying to Live, and Orpheus and the Pearl

Don’t argue with the professor. Just stimulate the economy and pay the $50 for this book. Yeah, it’s 50 bucks. It’s my first limited edition. My first hardcover. There’ll only be 56 of these books made available, not counting the even-more-expensive lettered edition. You get the novelette, my story “Nocturnal Caress,” the story “Reunion” that will eventually be made into a movie, and introduction by Steve Vernon, and the artwork by Paul J. Groendes.

What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

One response to “Little Graveyard up for pre-order”

  1. I just ordered mine!

    Congrats Steve.

    And you can put your mouth…. : – )

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