School stuff

I went up to the school today to drop off the towering stack of anthologies I got at the AP workshop last week, and do various other things. I’m still working on a layout for the desks. The room isn’t big enough for what I’d like to do, but I think I’ll go with what I did today, which is pretty close to what it was most of last year. Anyhoo, the news here is that I got my schedule for this coming school year.

Can you say suh-weeeeet?

I get to teach Creative Writing again first hour, first block, then senior English, Comprehensive Reading again, and close the day out with Science Fiction Literature. B Block, things change. I keep Comp. Reading and English IV, but the two electives are replaced with AP English IV; this is the literature track. During the last two blocks the regular senior English is replaced with English III.

For the moment, at least, none of my real monster kids from last year are in any of my classes. In fact, I was thrilled to see some familiar names of kids I really like on my rosters. There are some kids I like to keep up with who aren’t on my roster and I’m kinda bummed about that, but I suspect those kids will be dropping by regularly.

There’s currently 32 kids on my Creative Writing roster. I have 27 desks in my room. Some of those kids likely will have transferred out. In fact, one of those I like to keep up with is on that roster but she was talking about going to a different school this year. I suspect several of the kids in that class will run to the counselor within the first few days when they realize they have to write in Creative Writing. Yes, they really ask why they have to write in that class.

The last two times I taught the Sci-fi class I focused a lot on the McCarthy Era and material dealing with the Red Scare. We’re going to read more and watch fewer movies this time. I’m definitely doing Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 again, but I’m not sure what else. Ender’s Game is one the kids seem to like and we have enough copies, so maybe I’ll do that.

6 responses to “School stuff”

    1. Verrrrrry good news, indeed.

  1. Sounds like a vacation compared to last year!

    1. Oh yeah! It should be a good year.

  2. I want to take your class.

    1. I dunno. I give F’s for present tense stories. Award winners or not.
      Really, I’d just be thrilled if a student could identify present tense.

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