Weird Murdered by Human Wolves stuff

So, I missed a call today from a man who wanted to talk to me about one of my books. I knew it had to be Murdered by Human Wolves. What other book could inspire that? There were several scenarios I considered based on previous experience. I called the guy back, and it was even more bizarre than I could have imagined.

This guy — who I won’t name just quite yet, because I didn’t ask if I could — is a filmmaker living in Stillwater. He’s making an independent movie about Katherine Cross, the girl who was “Murdered by human wolves.” The other day he was searching for a photo of Katherine’s grave and learned about my book for the first time. He called because he was concerned about infringing on my copyright. It gets stranger. Remember, he hasn’t read my book. Oh, and he didn’t know who Mary Franklin is, either.

His story is about a paranormal researcher investigating Dr. Yates and the school teacher, who were cursed and are living today as werewolves. He said he only has one scene that takes place in 1917, when Cross was killed.

So, his story has some similarities to mine, but is pretty different. Since they’re both based on real, documented events, I don’t imagine there are any copyright issues. I’m actually pretty excited about seeing his film, which he said will be ready in the spring.

I’m not sure where this puts my screenplay based on my book. Of course, I haven’t heard from the producer/director interested in doing that for quite a while, anyway.

There was one more strange thing about that call today. He said he went to Amazon to buy a copy of my book, but the only one listed was $90. WTF?? I went and checked and, sure enough, there’s only one used, signed copy listed, and it’s priced at $89. The listing is from somebody here in Oklahoma. I can’t imagine why anyone would think that book is worth $89.

In other news, I wrote a 100-question test on Hawthorne and the works we’ve studied in English 3. Thursday will be a good day. For me, anyway. hehehe

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