Enter the teenager

My baby girl is a teenager today. She’s acted like one for a while, but today she officially really is 13 years old. That’s hard to believe. Seems like just a year or so back that she was being born, pink and slimy and making me so happy to have a little baby girl. Today I tried to give her some birthday spankings and she’s gotten so big I can’t catch her and hold her still long enough anymore. That sucks. She’s a good kid, an excellent student, and I’m very proud of her. Even if she did run up the phone bill so that it’s more like the house payment this month.

Sara’s 13 and Alex is looking into getting a work permit to get a job while he’s still 15. It’s a conspiracy to make me feel old.

I’ve been swamped with school stuff. I have to stop assigning so much work. My juniors are still studying Hawthorne; we’re doing The Scarlet Letter now. My sophomores are reading Things Fall Apart and all but one are griping about it. They say it’s hard, but it seems the only thing they’re really struggling with are the African names. Well, and they’re own dislike of reading … anything. And my reading class is finding out how Bilbo found that pesky ring in The Hobbit. I’ve also had to take the sophomores through some review of sentence fragments and run-on sentences after reading their essays.

One of my favorite things this week has been the girl who asked why she was on the ineligible list with an F in my class. I said we’d talk later, and within 30 minutes she was asleep at her desk … again. Umm, duh!

I haven’t gotten any writing done for the past week. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a long way toward finishing Inheritance this weekend. I haven’t assigned any essay that need to be graded over the weekend. Just tests. Ugh!

5 responses to “Enter the teenager”

  1. I had a dad come in and accuse me of being a bad teacher, not helping his son, not explaining things well….(because his son had a D on the progress report)….and I said…”I have pictures of John sleeping in class. Would you like to see them?”
    Shut him up real fast.
    Get a digital camera. Save you all kinds of parent headaches.

    1. Camera phone. I did that last year. Had a guy who didn’t like to work. While supposedly watching a movie, he pushed two desks together and lay down on top of them, so I snapped a photo for his mother.

  2. Happy birthday to your baby girl!
    On the school front, you know? I’d have -killed- to have a teacher like you in High School. You know, we never read Hawthorne, or even Tolkien, or…well you see where this is going. We just read the same things over and over, usually Shakespeare. It got so bad that I was just able to recycle my essays and such from the previous year, with just a bit of minor editing for the same grade. I caught up on a lot of sleep in those classes. But if your student is pulling an F and is on the “you screwed up!” list..Yeah..all her fault.
    Good luck with the writing, better luck with the school stuff! And don’t let yourself feel old.

    1. You didn’t read Hawthorne??? Really? We read The Scarlet Letter when I was in high school back in … Well, I think the book was still on Barnes and Noble’s New Release table at the time. 😉 “Young Goodman Brown” is one of my all-time favorite short stories and I made the kids read it. They didn’t get it. “Who was the man he met in the woods?”
      Me and another new English teacher have put in requests for some new books. If we get them, we’ll have one of the coolest textbook libraries around, I think. The Haunting of Hill House, I am Legend, Dying to Live, and some other speculative fiction. The kids love horror. Even kids who don’t read have been reading some of the horror novels from my room library.

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