More birthday stuff

Ruuuuufus! Yep, the Vikings continued claiming Oklahoma Sooners today by taking hard-hitting Rufus Alexander in the sixth round of the NFL draft. I can’t believe Rufus fell to the sixth round, but it looks like it’ll work out well. I bet he’s starting for the Vikes before the season is over, if not when it opens.

Of course, all this means I’ll just be more pissed than ever this football season when the local channels show the freakin’ Dallas Cowboys every weekend instead of good teams, like the Vikings.

In other birthday news, my wife and kids gave me Volume 2 of Johnny Weismuller’s Tarzan movies. No Maureen O’Sullivan here, but there seems to be a bevy of jungle babes to fill in for her as the plots become more and more silly. Doesn’t matter. Nobody watches Tarzan for the plot. It’s just fun stuff. They also gave me The Eagles Greatest Hits Vol. 2, a CD I’ve been meaning to buy forever. You just can’t get enough “Heartache Tonight.”

So, in my Foundations of English 1 class we went from The Pigman to Shakespeare. This week we’re reading Robert E. Howard’s Beyond the Black River. We were going to start two weeks of horror this week, but this class will only meet in the class room for three days, so we’re going to wait on that. I don’t know how well Howard will go over, particularly right now, with most of my boys still in in-school suspension for another day or two. Will the girls like Conan? Hmm.

We’ll be doing movie reviews in Non-fiction and watching Spielberg’s The War of the Worlds in Science Fiction before launching into Bradbury’s Fahrenhiet 451. I’d forgotten just how good that book is. Bradbury is a real master with the language.

One response to “More birthday stuff”

  1. Hope you had a good birthday Steve.
    And don’t worry, with Rufus and especially AD playing for the Vikings, we’ll be seeing a lot of them on TV around here.
    And you’ll be seeing a lot of purple jerseys on people around town. No one will believe you when you tell them you’ve been a Vikes fan for years.

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