The perfectly competent book

Got an e-mail from my former agent today. That alone was unexpected enough. But the e-mail he sent said that Tor had rejected Shara. Umm, okay. I didn’t know he’d sent Shara to Tor. I wrote back and asked if he meant to say they’d rejected Amara’s Prayer and he said no, that he still doesn’t have an answer from them on Amara’s Prayer.

He reports that the letter from Tor said, “This is one of the tougher sorts of rejections to write because Mr. Wedel has written a perfectly competent book.”

Well, that’s nice. Like I said, I didn’t know he’d sent Shara. He must have sent them the old 3F Publications version, with “Elongated Girl” on the green cover. I’m surprised someone at Tor even read it.

Today was the last day of class. I’m officially on spring break now. I gave benchmark tests the past several days. They were called 9-weeks tests back in my day. For the most part, I’m really proud of my students. The majority of them passed. Some did really well. But I tell ya, the Friday before spring break, with nothing to do but make-up tests … there was no controlling those kids today. Whew! Now I just have my own four to deal with for a while.

And what are they doing? Amanda is playing school. Apparently, I’m the principal, she’s the teacher and Alex and Sara are her problem students. I’m not quite sure what Jake’s role is, but he keeps bringing me notes about the older kids, too.

One response to “The perfectly competent book”

  1. Competence shouldn’t be underrated.

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