Murdered by Human Wolves

I do have one little piece of writing news. Mary Franklin and I seem to have put aside the issues we were having. Mary, you know, is the paranormal researcher I interviewed for Murdered by Human Wolves. She’s been asked to appear on The Montel Williams Show to talk about Katherine Cross. She said she’ll be talking about my book, too. That should provide a nice little boost in sales. Maybe someday I’ll actually see those sales figures. And royalties.

On the topic of nostalgia I brought up the other day, check this out! This was one of my favorite games back in the day when I’d push my car out of the driveway to start it and go to Overland Trails arcade in Enid. This free computer version isn’t quite the same, what with the keyboard control, but it’s still pretty fun. If you poke around you’ll find Defender, Joust, Spy Hunter and a couple of others. Another one I liked was something about a phoenix, with aliens, and at the end there was a mothership you had to shoot chunks from before getting to the pilot.

3 responses to “Murdered by Human Wolves”

  1. Yer such a teeecher. LOL! Good for you! Let us know if it works!
    Wait through the ad the first time but there are more old style games here:
    Um, I know they were there since I used to work there and fought for these babies to be added to the web. LOL!
    We’re all a bunch of big kids…

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