First referral

I wrote my first referral yesterday. It was for a kid put into my Creative Writing class this past Monday. Today I contacted a coach and told him that if he didn’t straighten out one of his dumb kids (put in my class the same day) I’d send that kid to the office, too. Tonight I’ll write referrals on two guys in my Foundations of English I class, though I won’t turn those in immediately. Hopefully I can hold those over the guys’ heads and settle them down. I’m done being nice to these kids who just want to disrupt class.

My Creative Writing class has somehow become a dumping ground for kids being kicked out of other classes. The jock from the above paragraph (if you saw the punk, you’d never believe he’s a jock; supposedly, he runs like the wind, “for a white boy”) actually had his jeans open and halfway down his thighs in the library today. When I told him to fasten his pants, he argued that he was wearing pajama bottoms under his jeans. How does that matter?

I ran grades today. Wow. Funny thing. To pass a class, you have to turn in your work. You’d think high school kids would have learned that.

Discovery Channel is showing a Bigfoot documentary. I know the formula … present experts and evidence on both sides and not give any solid conclusions. What do you think? Is Bigfoot out there? I’m still hoping to make a lot of progress on a novel featuring the big forest dweller this summer. Adultery, obsession, murder and Bigfoot in the big city of Ada, Oklahoma.

4 responses to “First referral”

  1. I had to read that last line a couple times. I grew up in Ada so that struck me as, “Did he really say Ada??” *s*

  2. So a referral is a bad thing.

  3. The fun thing about jocks, is you can really screw up their lives with a bad grade. “Oops, you didn’t turn in your work, you fail! Awww..I’m sawwie. Did ooo have a widdle race today? Oh waa.”
    Yes..I’m a vindictive woman. >.>
    Also, the last line of your post made me spew coffee in a fit of giggles.

  4. he runs like the wind, “for a white boy”
    LMAO! Says the white man who runs slowly. šŸ˜‰
    “You’d think high school kids would have learned that.”
    PFFT! Oh come on, high school kids don’t LEARN anything! hehehe…

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