Hard jobs

Sara’s having a spat with one of her friends. That friend, supposedly, has been calling Sara’s main friend names and sending her messages saying she should go away so she can hang out with Sara more. This evening, another of Sara’s friends was here, on my desktop computer, logged onto the computer as Sara, and logged into Sara’s MySpace. The first friend sent Sara an IM asking, “What are you doing?” Sara’s snotty friend replied with, “Your mom.” (For some reason, those two words have become the first response to anything said to these girls.) So, a little later I get a call from the friend’s mom. Moments later, Sara was crying, her MySpace cancelled and her login to the computer deleted.

Okay, actually, it seems MySpace sent her a message verifying she wants to cancel her account. I haven’t let/made her log in to her e-mail yet to confirm it. And, I didn’t know the one friend was making fun of and sending messages to the other friend. So, I guess what Sara is really in trouble for is letting the snotty friend on my computer under her name and letting the friend use her identity online. Personal responsibility. She let the girl do this, so she’s paying the price.

I just wish I didn’t feel like crap because of it. I like two of the friends involved. I don’t like seeing my little girl crying. I guess being a daddy is one  job harder than being a teacher.

Oh, no writing news to report. No news is good news, right? Except for that Scrybe thing.

One response to “Hard jobs”

  1. “I guess being a daddy is one job harder than being a teacher.”
    Only if you’re doing both jobs properly. 🙂

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