“The best day ever!”

I feel like crap, and have for the past few days. Just a cold … a cough and a lot of thick snot. Kim and Alex seem to be coming down with the flu Amanda and Jacob had before Christmas; that’s probably in the future for me and Sara, too. Still, I had to go to the post office today. Amanda and Jacob weren’t getting along. They were bored. Jacob had a movie in, so I took Amanda with me.

After the post office we went to Little River Park. This is a great park. It has a walking trail, but to the west is a nice belt of trees, then the “river,” which is really just a trickle of muddy water. The woods have trails kids have made with bicycles, but there’s seldom anyone in the woods. Me and Amanda went into the woods and walked along the bike trails. She chattered nonstop like she does. We walked and walked, with her picking the directions we’d take. At one point she told me, “This is the best day ever!” Walking in the woods with her daddy was the best day ever? And it came three days after Christmas? That certainly made it one of my best days.

I teased her a little with Ulrik’s line. She said, “There aren’t any werewolves, this isn’t a forest and I didn’t dance!”

Then we went to Braum’s for ice cream and limeaids. She definitely earned her treat.

2 responses to ““The best day ever!””

  1. That has got to be there best day ever for you. How cool to have such a loving little girl. You are obviously a great dad.

  2. Hope you feel better. I hate it when the whole house gets sick…yuck!!!

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