24 hours?

Has somebody gone and shortened the number of hours in a day? I swear there hasn’t been 24 hours in the past few days. So much to do, so little time for doing it! I’ve got three magazine articles to write, three lesson plans to write (yes, still!), a comic book script to finish and a novel segment to finish editing.

I’ve spent too much time jacking with computers. I had to give up trying to move e-mail downloaded to Mozilla Thunderbird on the desktop to the new laptop. I found instructions for doing it, but they just didn’t work. Every time I added the mail folders to my profile, Thunderbird created a new profile.

At times, the laptop is able to tap into an unsecured network and I can get online with it. Not all the time, though. I’ll have to get a router for home. But not now. Between needing my old e-mail and to be connected, I haven’t been able to forsake the desktop computer yet.

Plus, I keep getting pulled back to work on issues with Sara’s new computer games (freakin’ Mall Tycoon) and Kim’s new MP3 player.

Mostly, though, it seems like I just lose a few hours in the evenings. We eat dinner, then suddenly it’s 10 p.m. Then me and Kim watch TV for a while, and pretty soon it’s 1 a.m. I blame it on the incoming democratic Congress. hehehe

So, do I have anything worthwhile to say? Not really. Christmas was … interesting. A mass gathering of the in-laws is always an event. I have a picture of Kim sitting on my lap that I’ll post eventually. She looks absolutely stoned. It’s really funny. The best Christmas memory is about Jacob and him watching his new Cars DVD and cackling at certain scenes. My boy sure loves that movie. Ka-Chow!

The comic script … I’m doing this at the urging of Jason Whitley. Jason wanted me to script some stories from Darkscapes to submit to a comic publisher he works with. It’s taken me long enough to get around to it, but I’m finally working on a comic script for “Summer Offspring.” It’s a lot of fun. If you’ve read the story, you know it’s written as a series of newspaper articles. For the comic, I’m having to get more detail about the people involved, the settings, etc. The reporters are now TV personalities instead of real print journalists. Hey, I’m not in PR any more, so there’s no need to hide what I really think of TV news people. So I’m having some fun with them. The whole scripting process is fun. I just need to find another hour or so to finish that first draft. All of what I have written now was done as Kim drove us to Claremore and Enid.

Oh, I went to see Rocky Balboa yesterday. I loved it. It’s like a chick flick for men. Not a lot of action until the fight at the end. It’s a real character study, mostly a sad movie, but uplifting at the end. Definitely the best flick I’ve seen in the theater in a long time. Stallone did a great job with this one.

I went to watch Rocky after dropping off Alex and a young lady at a different theater at the mall. haha For two teenagers who claim to be only “friends,” they were sure wearing a lot of perfume/cologne for their evening out together. When you’re 15 (or almost), life is truly one big buffet.

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