On Tuesday we had temperatures of about 75 degrees F. Yesterday the temperature dropped into the 20s and brought sleet as night came on. Schools all over the state closed for today. Late this morning the snow moved in and it’s been coming down pretty hard ever since.

Well, I assume it has, based on reports from the kids. I’ve been in bed with flu-like symptoms pretty much since getting home from work yesterday. It hasn’t been pleasant, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, it’s still snowing, with the north wind howling and blowing the snow hard against everything. It’s not a pretty snow, not by a long shot. Roads are bad, with cars sliding off into ditches and 18-wheelers jack-knifing all over the place. Makes me glad I don’t work for ODOT any more. Of course, as a substitute teacher, when schools close I get no pay. Schools are already closed for tomorrow, too, so that’s two days without pay. On top of the three I missed last week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Because there’s nothing but crap on TV during the day, I put in the DVD of To Kill a Mockingbird this afternoon. Jake came into the bedroom and watched about the last 10 minutes with me. He asked what I was watching and I told him. Then it ended and he said he wanted to watch it again. “I want to watch To Kill a Honkingbird,” he said. So I restarted it. I was about to slip off into a nap when he asked me, “Does that man turn into a honkingbird?” I guess that tells you what kind of movies we usually watch.

Sara has told me I smell like vomit, so I suppose I should go take a shower.

One response to “Blizzard”

  1. lol
    oh, the joys of parenthood. Enjoy the shower Vomit Man.

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