Where did dinosaurs come from?

Yesterday, me and Amanda (age 6) went to the Oklahoma City Art Museum to catch the last weekend of Temples and Tombs, an Egyptian exhibit on loan from The British Museum. Mandy is a chatterbox, always talking about something. She asked repeatedly if the museum would have dinosaurs, like the Sam Noble Natural History Museum we visited a couple of weeks ago. The answer is no, of course. So, then she asks, “Where did dinosaurs come from?”

Hmmm. How to answer? God made them? Explain evolution? Intelligent design? As I hesitated, she came up with her own answer.

“Maybe they squeezed out of the clouds,” she said.

I laughed and said they probably came out of the ocean. She said, “No, that’s just silly.” There’s no arguing with those blue eyes and that smile.

Amanda didn’t think much of the art museum. The exhibit was so packed with people it became uncomfortably warm, and many of the people were rude idiots who thought nothing of stepping in front of other people who were trying to read the plaques. The items on display, however, were just fantastic. It’s just incredible that a culture that old, without modern tools, was able to achieve so much detail in their sculptures. If the exhibit comes to your town, definitely go see it. And do it before the final weekend!

Today I taught English at a mostly Hispanic middle school in Oklahoma City. I earned every dollar they’ll eventually pay me for it, too. Fourth hour was a pretty good class, but the rest of them were insane. Sixth hour was made up mostly of kids learning English as a second language, although a note from the teacher told me they understood more English than they let on. I know they understood, “Quit throwing stuff” and “Sit down and shut up.” But they refused to comply. I was actually writing the answers to their exercise on the board and they couldn’t stop acting like brats and copy it down. Maybe all that time at the high school spoiled me. Maybe. But the worst classes I’ve ever had at a Moore junior high school were a thousand times better than those classes today.

One response to “Where did dinosaurs come from?”

  1. “Maybe they squeezed out of the clouds,”
    LMAO! That’s so awesome!
    (Ugh – you were up at 3am?)

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