A new review

Hey look! A junior high cornerback just intercepted Brad Johnson and returned it for a touchdown. Oh, never mind. That wouldn’t be very surprising. I think I heard there’s a sign on the door outside the Minnesota Vikings’ headquarters saying: LOST OFFENSE. REWARD TO FINDER. How do you lose to San Fran, Green Bay and Miami? Ugh.

Speaking of losing, the Westmoore Jaguars lost yesterday, ending their season in the second round of the playoffs. I’m sure I’ll see some long faces tomorrow. Yes, I got two more days with the Spanish class. I’m hoping to get the OK to show them the 1931 Mexican version of Dracula.

Oh yeah, the subject line mentioned a new review. This one caught me by surprise. It’s from The Librarian Review. Might be an Oklahoma organization. I’m not sure. Anyway, the review of Darkscapes is here, and is positive. The reviewer didn’t like the cover art … but then, nobody does.

One week from Scrybe Press’s promise to send books and money and … nothing has arrived yet. No galleys for Seven Days in Benevolence, either.

I took the little kids to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History this afternoon. They asked to go. And this time they were actually looking at the exhibits, asking questions, and running from one to the next. They didn’t want to leave until we’d seen everything. Kim would have died. haha Jacob wasn’t scared of the rattlesnake in the prairie exhibit, or the bats in the cave. He even touched the animal skins. For those who don’t know, the museum is part of the University of Oklahoma. They have a very cool exhibit built around a long-horned bison skull found in western Oklahoma that features the oldest painted object ever discovered in North America. (I had a class with a professor who was on the dig that found the skull.) Usually the lights and sounds freak out both kids and they won’t let me stay for the whole thing, but not this time. Their favorite part is still the house exhibits with the canoe.

We started with football, so let’s end with a pigskin note. This week I need you all to be Texas A&M fans. Go Aggies! Beat the Texas Longhorns! Then, if the Sooners whip the OSU Cowboys, we’ll win the Big 12 South. That would be sweet.

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  1. Great review
    Good reviews from Libraries are always good, good, good. Congrats!

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